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The WormApp system in the light of these in-depth analyzes contained, represents a valid alternative to home collections in contexts with particular historical and architectural value thanks to the absolute absence of the use of display kits and therefore due to the absence of aesthetic impact.


Benefits of WormApp

The detail that makes this system feasible is the possibility of having the user checked by a qualified operator .

The obvious environmental advantages due to the stop of the machine during the collection phase and the arrival mainly on foot and by time appointment by the conferring users in compliance with the daily calendar , represent a sure plus point of WormApp compared to the door-to-door collection service the advantages of which will be quantified in economic terms and duly taken into account.

Some data of a wildcard collection can be easily deduced from a simulation shown below.

This collection system can, unlike the other 2, completely eliminate the costs linked to the capillary development of the collection phase.

But that's not all: it can even greatly lighten the delivery and transhipment phase in satellite vehicles in the case of small centers and/or communities to be served where, that is, the collection vehicle filled with daily waste can go directly to the plant or directly tranship without the need for a subsequent return to the homes to be served.


It is therefore possible to enumerate some immediate advantages:

01 .   Street containers for waste.

Elimination of road containers of any size (road bins, road or home trolleys, home tubs, disposable bags) to be left unattended outside the housing units.

02 .   Traffic and exhausting work in the delivery of goods in the defined last mile.

The resolution of deliveries in the defined "last mile", such as parcels and food shopping.

0 3 .   Time and pollution to go shopping at shopping malls and shops


Drastic Reduction of the pollution of the cars to go shopping, times to go shopping, times at the checkout)

04 . Road obstruction for the delivery of goods and for the collection of waste.

Resolution and regulation of deliveries, and of any other delivery service as well as waste collection.

05 .    Exhausting work of the waste collectors and delivery men

Solving these root problems

06 .   impossibility of liberalizing the market, effectively forcing the collection to an entity that wins the tender to collect the waste from users.

Resolution of this problem as with WormApp companies, even more than one at the same time, can accept waste from users based on market logic.

Secondary Benefits

The difficult and costly environmental and commercial communication that is constant through this platform

Very high cost reduction of manual street sweeping

Solves the problem of animals rummaging in containers and dirtying them.

The dirt of the tubs to be cleaned and having to disinfect is avoided (staying on the street they are at the mercy of everything and everyone)

Anti-terrorism because nothing can be hidden in bins as they are not used

Avoid operators touching and coming into direct contact with everyone's waste outlet


In terms of costs , it is always the most convenient in the absolute sense, with the exclusion of the environmental performance linked to the necessary use of collection means, unlike the model with eco-stations.

While on the one hand the lack of space associated with the absence of display kits makes the WormApp system an optimal solution and one to be favored in contexts in which, such as in historical centres, shops and homes have very limited available space which is not sufficient for management of collection containers, in the case of historic centers with the simultaneous presence of small or very small passageways or alleys, WormApp becomes absolutely preferable compared to the other 2 systems being analysed.

As the number of stops considered in the analysis of the WormApp system increases, the costs to be incurred tend to approach those of the door-to-door system.

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