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Worm took its first steps in 2007 from the meeting of Paolo Garelli and Roberto Pirani during meetings of environmental design technicians at national and international level.


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Roberto Pirani , from Ravenna, had already been involved in waste management and separate collection since 1999 as an environmental activist and was undertaking the transition from a passion to a main job.

Paolo Garelli, Sicilian, worked in the entrepreneurial and design environment, and had posed the problem of waste management precisely starting from the observation of the difficulties in managing the tourist cities of his island.

RP also asked himself the same question: observing the existing one, he started from the evidence that something better than the street dumpster was needed, but the door-to-door service was not (and is not) sufficient.

As a technician in the waste sector, RP realized how effective and concrete PG's design intuition was, understanding how the point of view of a professional with a completely different background can tackle the problem with a different approach and point of view.

From a contact and a subsequent meeting in Rome was born a friendship and a professional collaboration that lasts, also enriched by the profound differences in cultural and geographical professional training!


Years of original research and development , of projects, of applications according to specific needs, have made Worm a technical structure specialized in solving needs in complex places.


Waste design , which must necessarily be integrated with that of services, mobility, energy and in general everything that today is defined as Smart City, is similar to the work that a tailor does: you have to start from the characteristics , qualities and defects , of the person/city and designing the most suitable dress/project.

Not vice versa!

We are able to detect great opportunities where normally a "traditional" approach focuses on critical issues and only tries to "put patches".


Waste Organization and Reduction Management.

Starting from the name Worm , an acronym for Waste Organization and Reduction Management (Management of Organization and Reduction of Waste, as well as a tribute to the nice earthworm protagonist of aerobic composting, we wanted to underline the respect of the Waste Hierarchy foreseen by the European Regulation 98/ 2008: "In applying the waste hierarchy (...) - prevention, preparing for re-use, recycling, other recovery, for example energy, and disposal - Member States shall take measures to encourage options which give the best overall environmental result".

And the fundamental role of the separation of the organic fraction at the source : any other subsequent management action of the various materials that pass through the cities becomes possible and convenient.

Separate waste collection is not an end , but only a tool that must be applied taking into account many variables and preconditions where and how it is needed to obtain organisation, efficiency, environmental protection and cost savings.


...a second attempt...
I did it together with Paolo Garelli with the Carretta project, people respected the times, respected the days and everything went well
Carmoz Aimée, from the film the banana peel cruise by S. Manzone the case of historic centers with the simultaneous presence of small or very small passageways or alleys, WormApp becomes absolutely preferable compared to the other 2 systems being analysed.
Environmental Engineer Francesco Girardi
“You will never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes reality obsolete“
Richard Buckminster Fuller
As it has been stated for over 16 years…

There is no Waste, just materials


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