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The aspects that make the patent called "WormApp" innovative are summarized below:


Pre-set delivery stations organized in every detail

Flexibility in assigning daytime hours

Consumable delivered by the operator

It prevents the difficulty of evening exposures with withdrawals early the next day

certainty of direct delivery of consumables to the user

with stops available to citizens in collection circuits and pre-established routes and times

Higher frequency of delivery than the average of door-to-door deliveries: for example organic collection every day.

Constant awareness campaign

Possibility of volumetric measurement of the waste conferred and application of a punctual tariff

The operator can relate personally with the users, acting as an intermediary in awareness and information campaigns

The collection vehicles are equipped with devices that allow users to be identified and the waste delivered to be measured when emptying in accordance with the "Tarip" DM 20/04/2017 published in the Official Gazette n.117 of 22/05/2017

The user can confer the waste produced with greater freedom, because the frequency is daily and the timetable is designed to easily allow the conferral of many differentiated fractions.

Quality control of the waste delivered

It does not require intermediate containers

Elasticity of the system in the presence of tourist peaks

Collection supervised by an operator allows capillary control of the quality of the waste produced

In certain situations, the intermediate container may not be required to deliver the waste

The presence of the operators with the means avoids the oversizing of the ordinary service for the residents


Incorporation of manual sweeping services to collection

The manual finishing cleaning, which accompanies the passage of cars of various volumes, can be carried out on the area served by the vehicle, before the activation of the assembly point or during, if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic identification/access system .


Total elimination of tubs, trolleys and dumpsters lying along the roads. Complete elimination of disposable bag collection lying on the roads


This is one of the main innovative aspects that makes WormApp the most suitable collection method for quality and a very high level of urban decorum together with other specific improvements to the solution that do not exist in "traditional" services.


The vehicle has a series of sensors and equipment, designed to make the system work.

- An antenna for detecting user containers and user recognition systems.

- A black box containing an on-board computer connected to the internet

- a GPS antenna that identifies stops/stalls and routes of the vehicle that is identified by users and managers

- a computer/PDA for routine operations to the operator (delivery of consumables and non-consumables)

- A user-side management App

- A server-side management software / service manager

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